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News From Oceanside Glass & Tile!

Oceanside Glass & Tile!
April 13, 2017

It has been a wild ride! And well... the ride has just begun! After an incredibly successful Glass & Bead Expo in Las Vegas the Oceanside Glass & Tile Art Glass team has come back more excited than ever to get the glass rolling. We had a lot of great interactions, met so many amazing people that make up this unique community of artists and had an opportunity to answer some great questions about the future of the beloved Uroboros and Spectrum Glass products.

Click here to read more online

Click here to view the awesome YouTube video on Oceanside Glasstile Art Glass progress

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Projects small enough to fit on a 7" shelf:      $5.00
One or more projects on a 13" round shelf:      $8.00
Fuse + Slump on 13" shelf:    $12.00
Projects on a 20" shelf:    $11.00
Fused + Slump on a 20" shelf:    $14.00
Long Bubble Squeeze add      $3.00

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Last update -- Thursday, June 22nd, 2017